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The 12 Body Synergy Essences

May 20th, 2010 Posted in Insights Into Essences, Testimonials

The 12 Body Synergy Essences

The 12 Body Synergies were created to bring about the connection of mind and body for healing. Each of the 12 Body Synergy essences is designed to resonate with a particular body system, to help release and heal associated emotional & energetic patterns.

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The creation of the 12 Body Synergy Essences was a collaborative effort between Alicia Rocco, our distributor in Minerva, Ohio, USA and both Céline Cloutier and myself (Daniel Tigner) at Canadian Forest Tree Essences.

Alicia shared her vision with us for the 12 essences, which we then formulated according to the framework and key characteristics she outlined. These essences have proven to be a powerful healing force and easily accessible to both practitioners and those choosing essences for personal use.

Here is Alicia’s speaking about healing and the 12 Body Synergies.

Alicia’s Talk

My great grandmother was Iroquois Indian and she taught us about herbs and spiritual healing. I worked for many years with herbs: I found that they tie over to some of the emotions, but they do not quite get to everything needed. So when I discovered essences, I realized that illness and health began in the soul, then manifest in the mind and emotions, then the physical body.

I have been doing iridology for 30 years. One of the things I discovered through iridology was that the eyes are indeed the windows to the soul. I kept studying the eyes and learning how I could read not only the body but the emotions and thought processes as well. This developed into a system of Emotional Iridology, which I have taught for many years.

I had studied emotional iridology and then all of a sudden I was stuck. I had herbs, but I didn’t have an answer to help folks emotionally. I was becoming fully aware that whatever emotion they felt or came with was actually contributing to their physical illness. Then I remembered about essences. I did flowers for a number of years, then gems, then one day I was in my own spiritual meditation, sacred place, and I awoke to a tree. And I thought, “Trees, whoa, I wonder if there’s such a thing as tree essences?”

I was so excited to discover Canadian Forest Tree Essences because I was being led to do tree essences. Why trees, not flowers, gems, or other kind of essences? I think it probably had to do with my Iroquois Indian heritage, because trees were an aspect of the spiritual things that we did in healing. Flowers were not always available, but trees were.  Indians lived in the woods, they hunted in the woods, and they were a part of them, so trees really connected to me. I also found when I started to use the tree essences with my clients that trees really connected to them.

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Flowers are wonderful, but they come quickly and they go quickly. Trees stay and ground us.

Trees hold us to our sacred space. They allow us to be all that we can be in that place. This is a wonderful thing. We can feel sacred, secure and safe.

Ask a child, what do they want to do when they go out and play? “Grandma may I go out and play by the tree?”

They do not ask if they can go out and play in my flower garden. I have a beautiful rose garden. They do not want to play in my rose garden. They say, “Grandma, can I go out and climb the tree? Grandma, can I go out and swing in the tree? Trees connect with children and children love to hug trees. Have you ever hugged a tree? Can you feel the vibration of a tree? It is wonderful.

The 12 Body Synergies were created to connect the healing of body, mind and emotions. That is why they are called the Digestive, Intestinal and Glandular essences, etc. Each of the 12 essences is designed to resonate with a particular body system, to help release and heal associated emotional & energetic patterns.

Using these essences we learn to look for the root emotional cause of health problems.Sonam & Jason in Tree

We look at what we think, because what we think is what we are. What we believe is what we become.

When you go to the doctor and the doctor says you have this illness, what is the first thing you do?  You own the illness.

“I have cancer, I have heart trouble, I am a diabetic, I have arthritis…”

The “I’s” get in the way of the “we’s,” because in truth your whole entire body is sick: in other words, you cannot have diabetes in just the pancreas, the sickness includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

When someone comes to you and says, “I’m a diabetic,” no longer think, “diabetes.  I have to use this herb, this essence.” No, you will think in terms of a “we.” You will understand that the whole, entire body is affected. Diabetes is the result but you need to work on the root emotional cause; which may have started, for example, in an emotion associated with the digestive or intestinal system.

Acer Sacsharum (Sugar Maple) profile MedFormat10

Working with the 12 Body Synergy Essences either by themselves, with emotional iridology or another modality, you start making the physical, emotional and spiritual connections that will be helpful for your client. You will see how this all has a very beautiful flow. Your understanding as to how the person functions on each level of these levels just comes totally together. You will see with clients that the 12 Body Synergies will allow them to know and understand their emotions and choose to change, to evolve. Tree essences work on their energetic field and affect their nervous or electrical system. They can change their cellular memory, and help them reprogram their DNA, amplifying the effectiveness of other therapies and techniques.

Another advantage of these 12-Body Synergies is that they will help you describe essences to your clients so much easier then you ever did before. I often find I use the Body Synergies as the first line of essences with my very new clients, and then slowly a wider range of the trees essences may be used.

Alicia Rocco

Essence Consultant


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